Repository of blood and its components.

Blood and its components samples have been collected since 2001. Specimens of blood and its components from 6727 individuals are stored in the repository freezers at 75C, 80C (specimens of whole blood, suspension of leucocytes, lymphocytes, immortalized - lymphocytes, erythrocytes, plasma and serum, DNA).

Breakdown of the Mayak PA workers by plant.

Breakdown of the Mayak PA workers and unexposed Ozersk residents by gender.

Distribution of blood donors by type of biomaterial.

Type of Bio-specimens Number of individuals Number of aliquoties

Medical data

Occupational diseases (radiation associated) were registered in 455 registrants-Mayak PA workers.

  Female Male F+M

Cancer diseases were registered in 946 registrants, of them 124 had breast cancer, 95 lung cancer, 66 rectal cancer, 187 malignant neoplasms of connecting tissues and skin, melanomas from total number of 6727 individuals. In some cases blood samples were obtained in 7-10 days after surgical oncotomy.

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