Genetic biological material.

The biological repository of genetic material contains samples of blood DNA of Mayak PA workers exposed to external and/or internal radiation in doses exceeding the allowed levels; the prepared specimens are stored in freezers at temperature from –75°Ñ to –80°Ñ. The repository also stores samples of blood DNA of Ozersk residents (control), samples of blood DNA obtained from offsprings of the 1st and 2nd Mayak PA workers exposed to external and/or internal radiation in preconception period, and from unexposed Ozersk residents.

Biological repository of blood DNA of occupationally exposed Mayak PA workers and Ozersk residents.

The Repository contains DNA specimens from 5710 donors.

Breakdown of the Mayak PA workers by plant.

Breakdown of the Mayak PA workers and unexposed Ozersk residents by gender.

Medical data.

Occupational diseases (radiation associated) were registered in 264 from 4618 examined subjects. The diseases included: occupational pneumosclerosis – 17 cases, acute radiation disease – 5, chronic radiation disease – 234, occupational combustion – 11, occupational dermatitis – 5, occupational wound – 12, cataract – 1.
Cancer diseases were registered for 591 registrants–blood DNA donors.

Biological material of DNA of Mayak PA workers’ offsprings:

The RHTR stores blood DNA specimens of 328 1st generations offsprings from 260 families (260 mothers and 259 fathers).
Total number of offsprings and parents – 587 individuals.
254 individuals from offsprings are also Mayak PA workers: reactor (43 individuals), radiochemical (76 individuals), plutonium (49 individuals) plants and 86 individuals work at auxiliary plants.
The control group includes 74 offsprings.

The Repository database includes all data on parents’ preconception dose from the beginning of their career at the Mayak PA to time of conception, as well as medical-dosimetry data. Currently the DNA materials are added into the DNA bank, doses of offsprings-workers of the main plants are specified, demographic and medical data are collected.

  Exposed mothers and fathers Exposed fathers Exposed mothers Parents were not occupationally exposed
Number of sons 40 115 15 45
Number of daughters 19 54 24 16
Total: 59 169 39 61
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